Gov Cooper & Speaker Moore: Protect NC workers & communities from COVID-19!

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COVID-19 is exposing the social, economic, and political crisis our communities have been bearing for decades and more. While this reality is distressing, we’re also no strangers to organizing ourselves and our loved ones to make sure none of us get left behind.

We, a broad coalition directly of impacted people and organizations, are launching the North Carolina People’s Platform for Social and Economic Survival and Beyond. We call on the Governor and the North Carolina General Assembly to act on these demands:

  1. Expand Medicaid, without impediments, and protect our hospitals.
  2. Protect immigrants from being detained by ICE, and prioritize health for those in detention. 
  3. Protect incarcerated people, by releasing nonviolent offenders from vulnerable populations, halting pre-trial detention, and prioritizing health for those who are incarcerated. 
  4. Place a moratorium on all evictions, foreclosures, and utility shutoffs.
  5. Freedom from hunger
  6. Ensure paid sick days and family medical leave for all workers, and fix our broken unemployment system.
  7. Put the health and welfare of working families and communities ahead of corporate handouts by requiring large employers to pay 2 weeks of sick leave and expand safety protections.
  8. Increase the corporate tax rate by 5%. 
  9. Protect our democracy by eliminating restrictions on mail absentee voting, passing online voter registration, and expanding Census accommodations.  
  10. Expand access to government entities by accepting remote signatures and appearances. 

For full platform text, click here.

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